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Motherhamster was primarily developed with Python 2.5. and is well tested in python 2.6. If you are on a linux distro with a package manager, you should probably use that to get python. If not, you can download python here.


Motherhamster currently requires version 1.8.0 or newer of the Pygame extension (SDL for python + extra bits). Again, use your package manager for linux, others can find links to download pygame here.


Motherhamster uses OpenGL for hardware-accelerated 2D rendering. Again, use your package manager for linux. For Mac, you will probably want to install the package here.

For python 2.5 on windows, using PyOpenGL 2.0 is preferred (for py2exe compatibility). See for pyopengl 2.0 builds for python 2.5 on windows.

You can also choose to use PyOpenGL 3.0, which means you will need to install the easy_install tool, by following the ironically difficult installation instructions here. Once you have done that, you can run the command line:

C:\Python25\Scripts\easy_install PyOpenGL

WARNING: Expect difficulties with py2exe if you use PyOpenGL 3.0 on windows.


The editor (not required to run games using motherhamster) currently uses wxPython, a python extension the provides access to the cross-platform wxWidgets windowing library.

You can find installation packages or instructions for all platforms [here]

What Next?[edit]

When you've got all the components above, you should be set to use motherhamster - if you don't have it yet, you can get Motherhamster now. If you haven't figured out your favorite way to edit & work with python code, check out our recommendations for a python editor