Customer Service ROBOT!

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Customer Service ROBOT!
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Developer(s) Brian & Zach & James
Release date 2008-04-05
Download Windows Installer

Mac OS X package

This game was originally written for the Pyweek March 2008 competition. The theme was "ROBOT!"

You are an automated telephone support system (who happens to be 50 feet tall and equipped with a claw, a drill-hand, and eye-lasers). Your mission is to provide excellent customer service... possibly also to smash.


This is a slightly updated version compared to what was submitted to PyWeek 6.

Source Code[edit]

The source code is available under the terms of the GPL

The source code requires:

Download: customer-service-robot-src.tar.gz

Download: customer-service-robot-src+motherhamster.tar.gz (with motherhamster bundled in, for people too lazy to install it normally)

Plans for New Features[edit]

This game is playable, but there are still more features that we plan to add to it.

  • More building types
  • Cars and Airplanes (Zach already drew graphics)
  • Make the lasers work.
    • Do damage to buildings and burn trees
    • Display a beam of light (using the quad code Brian wrote)
  • Customer log.
    • Record a list of all the customers you have helped
    • and an ui for viewing it
  • Body upgrades
    • New legs (faster walking?)
    • New arms (faster smashing, other animations?)
    • New heads (different eye-lasers)
    • New torsos (different ...?)
    • New antennae (different navigation tools)
  • Alternate navigation tools
    • ThermoNav - Display "Hot" or "Cold" depending on whether you are getting closer or further from the customer (disrupted by power plants and refrigerated warehouses?)
    • MagnetoNav - Periodically recommend N, S, E, W (disrupted by iron foundries?)
    • EchoNav - report distance from customer in nautical miles, but not direction. (disrupted by aquariums?)
    • SatelliteNav - (similar to current navigation) Show precise direction to the customer (disrupted by cell-towers?)
    • PigeonNav - A pigeon flies back and forth between you and the customer (undisruptable!)
    • - A modal map of the city showing your position and the customer's position. Can't move while looking at it.