Bob the Hamster Sidescroller

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Bob the Hamster Sidescroller
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Developer(s) James Paige
Release date Work-in-progress
Genre Side-scroller
Download bob-sidescroller.exe

Dig through Dirt

The source-code for this game is available in Subversion

svn co svn://

Keys and Controls

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move Bob.
  • Use the up arrow to make Bob jump.
  • Press and hold CTRL or Z to make Bob dig.
  • While digging you can use all four arrow keys.
  • Press ESC to exit
  • Press ~ to open the editor

Hopes and Dreams

James: My current goal is to get Bob's hit-detection with the dirt working in a satisfactory manner. I am pretty happy with the digging behavior, but collision with the floor when gravity pulls you down from a jump or a fall still needs work.

The next goal after that is to change the dirt graphics to automatically display edge and corner tiles which update when you dig, rather than the current blad rectangles.